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Harness & Lanyard (PFPE) Inspections


Harness & Lanyard (PFPE) Inspections

The most important requirement for the safe use of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) is ensuring that the equipment is fit for use.  This is achieved by regular inspections that conform to BS EN 365:2004, as legally required by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). 


Total Safety have a team of highly trained and experienced engineers available to carry out the servicing of your PFPE.  This can be carried out as regularly as you deem necessary, based upon the equipment’s usage and the environment that it has been used in.  Detailed inspection intervals are usually recommended to be carried out at least six monthly.


24 Hour Service

Downtime of equipment is also a key issue with users of PFPE so you will be pleased to know that Total Safety will carry out the inspection of your equipment within 24 hours of receiving the equipment, keeping equipment downtime to an absolute minimum.  Full documentation is provided for all equipment after inspection.