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Bespoke Confined Space Emergency Rescue, Recovery & Casualty Management

Bespoke Confined Space Emergency Rescue, Recovery & Casualty Management

Course Reference TSCS6

This course is designed to enable the rescue of a person within a Confined Space from a broad range of structures including shafts, vessels, oil platform legs, transition piece, tunnels, and voids using a simple wire system. The training is general to working within a confined space and rescue but focus’s very much on Construction, Renewables, Oil & Gas and the Water Utilities industry.


Duration: 3.0 days


Ratio:  1: 8



Upon completion of the course, delegates will be competent in the following:-

  • Capable of assessing the risk associated within a confined space on a range of different structures found within industry.
  • Be competent in the use of full duration breathing apparatus and escape breathing apparatus.
  • The ability to carrry out a rescue using a haulerbiner, wire system and a SKED, longboard and Telson stretcher or stretcher appropriate to the clients requirements.
  • Introduced to casualty management which will cover areas such as; scene survey, primary and secondary survey, CPR/AED, airway management, cervical collar, oxygen therapy, bleeds, fractures and casualty packaging


Delegates who successfully complete this course will receive a card and a certificate. These are both valid for 3 years.