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Face Fit Testing




Fit testing the right way means improving your risk management program while providing the best possible protection for your employees.  Equally important, you’re complying with all regulations. 


It’s More Than a Fit Test.  It’s Someone’s Life

Facing life-threatening environments every day, employees deserve the very best protection. Existing qualitative fit test methods like irritant smoke, banana oil and saccharin are limited by validation and legislation to pass/fail levels equal to a fit factor of 100.  European legislation only permit qualitative fit testing with this minimal fit factor for half masks and P rated filtering facepiece respirators.  While a fit factor of 100 may be fine for a half mask, employees using self contained breathing apparatus who rely on a positive-pressure mask to keep them alive deserve the reliability that only a quantitative fit test from a Portacount machine can deliver. UK regulations require a fit protection factor of at least 2000 for full-face respirators. There is no qualitative method that meets these requirements.


On-Site and Offshore Face Fit Testing Service

Total Safety Services provides an on-site and offshore service to carry out your face fit testing requirements.  Our safety experts will conduct a professional service to carry out face fit testing in line with the manufacturers guidelines, providing a certificate for the user after each test is successfully completed.  A durable plastic credit card style card will also be provided for each user in order to allow them to show which mask they have successfully been fit tested in.