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Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling


Most workplaces still involve a considerable amount of lifting and moving of loads. Loads that need to be moved can often be heavy, awkward to move or conducted repetitively. As a result, accidents related to manual handling activities around the workplace account for approximately a third of all workplace injuries. Damage to the back and other parts of the body can cause ill health, ruin lives and affect businesses. This course is designed to give the delegates a greater understanding of, what is manual handling? An understanding of hierarchy of control and the skills and necessary knowledge to conduct a basic risk assessment to reduce the risk as low as reasonably practicable.


Duration: 0.5 day






Who Should Attend


All personnel working within any industry


Course Content


  • Explain what is meant by the term ‘Manual Handling’
  • Understand the implications of lifting and moving loads
  • List the causes of manual handling injuries
  • Understand and conduct a basic risk assessment for manual handling
  • Demonstrate the kinetic method of safe lifting
  • Accidents and injuries from manual handling
  • Consequences arising from manual handling injuries
  • Causes of back pain
  • The spine, its structure and function
  • Four basic requirements for manual handling
  • Practical demonstration – individual lift, team lift and using mechanical lifting aids 



Validity - 3 years