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Single Point Monitoring

Total Safety Singe Point Monitoring Systems



The Perfect Balance Between Man & Technology

If your employees enter confined spaces often then guaranteeing their safety is an absolute priority.

In the past, this invariably was done by employing a large number of safety attendants, which involved enormous costs. Thanks to Total Safety Service's Singe Point Monitoring Systems, maintaining safety can now be accomplished more efficiently and at a lower cost!

By using our technology, several enclosed areas can be monitored from a distance. With a single click of the mouse, they receive detailed measurements whereby they can conduct their control more effectively.

We can guarantee the safety of all workers as well as the storage of all important information. Our Z-monitoring system is already proven in the field and has demonstrated its value for turnarounds time and time again.


Versatile System With Many Possibilities

  1. Audio/visual display of actual situation in the enclosed/hazardous area.
  2. Overview of persons who enter the room with statement of name.
  3. Continuous gas detection in the enclosed area.
  4. Camera monitoring of the current situation.
  5. Two-way communication and alarm system between person in area and control room.
  6. Central monitoring of all parameters in the central control room.



  1. Creation of a safer working environment.
  2. Cost effective compared to the traditional approach with attendants.
  3. Less safety personnel to manage.
  4. Extended reporting possibilities; the system can generate numerous management reports which can be used for future planning purposes, cost price calculations/analysis, etc.