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Working At Height Ladder Use & Inspection

Working at Height – Ladder User and Inspection


The aim of this one-day course is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to inspect, produce records and safely use portable ladders and step ladders.


Duration: 1.0 day




  • Medical self-declaration


Who should attend?


The training is addressed to individuals who are using portable ladders and step ladders whilst performing activities during their normal working day.These may include gas engineers, plumbers, window cleaners, telecommunications, manufacturing, warehouse, Network Rail and factory workers or any clients who need to perform activites at height. 


Course Objectives:

  • Legislation and recognised good practice relating to ladders and step ladders
  • The scope and limitations of ladder and step ladder use
  • Standards and classifications for ladders and step ladders
  • Hazards and risks associated with the use of ladders and step ladders
  • Risk Assessment
  • Correct storage and handling of ladders and step ladders
  • Practical inspection of ladders and step ladders
  • Demonstrate the safe use of pitching and climbing ladders using ladder safety equipment
  • Demonstrate the safe use of using step ladders
  • Types of inspection - pre use and formal / programmed
  • Correct handling, storage, maintenance and disposal requirements
  • Practical inspection of ladders and step ladders
  • Record keeping
  • Practical assessment
  • Written assessment



3 years