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Working At Height PFPE Inspection Training

Working at Height – PFPE Inspection


Persons attending this course will be provided with necessary information and knowledge required of an inspector of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE). Training covers legislation, standards, duties and responsibilities, equipment marking, key documentation and resources, record keeping, traceability, types of inspections, equipment examination of textile and metal wear testing, storage and disposal requirements.


On completion of training successful candidates will be able to implement a programme of periodic inspections for equipment used during work at height such as harness’s, lanyards, sling’s, karabiners, helmets, ropes etc.


Duration: 1.0 day




A working knowledge of the equipment being inspected.


Who should attend?


Those persons responsible for carrying out recorded inspections of PFPE.




The participants will obtain knowledge and skills within:


  • Legislation & standards
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Useful documents, forms and resources
  • CE Marking requirements and testing
  • Inspection and record keeping procedures
  • Types of examinations/inspections
  • Types of equipment – general safety, climbing, rope access, rescue etc
  • Textile equipment inspection methods
  • Metal-ware equipment inspection methods
  • Equipment care/storage/disposal
  • SRL inspection limitations
  • Practical assessment
  • Written Assessment




3 years