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Working At Height - Rescue

Working at Height - Rescue


The training has been developed in conjunction with Gotcha, Milan, 3M, Rollgliss, IKAR Rescue Equipment depending upon clients requirements to provide employees and employers a safe, effective, and reliable method to perform a rescue of a colleague who has fallen, for example on their fall arrest lanyards from a platform.


Duration: 1.0 day




  • Working at Height preferably unless you work from a fixed platform
  • Medical self-declaration


Who should attend?


The training is addressed to individuals who are performing any activities whilst working at height; these may include scaffold erectors, telecommunications, manufacturing, warehouse, Oil and Gas operators, Network Rail and factory workers or any clients who need to perform a rescue from height.




The participants will obtain knowledge and skills within:


  • Legislation
  • PFPE pre-user inspection and donning – Harness and helmet
  • Rescue equipment description and specifications
  • Rescue equipment pre-user inspection
  • Suspension Intolerance
  • Safe and correct use of the rescue equipment during rescue situations
  • Cross Haulage
  • Stretcher familiarisation
  • Retrieval block familiarisation
  • Written Examination
  • Practical Assessment



2 years