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Track & Trace People


Precise Locations Of Your Employees At All Times

Do your people often have to enter high-risk areas or do they often work alone? The protection and safety of your employees is always the top priority. With the Z-Tracker, you now have the possibility to not only precisely locate your people, but also to communicate with them – at all times. A must-have for every person who has to enter a high-risk area. Thanks to ATEX certification, the Z-tracker is the ideal partner in areas with the risk of explosions.


How it works

The Z-Tracker is continuously connected to on-site dispatching by means of a stable network. In this way, dispatching can consult the exact location of thousands of employees on screen and monitor them on detailed maps thanks to the central software. Continuous two-way communication between the control room and your employees is possible. This easy-to-install system ensures continuous monitoring and thus increased safety for your employees.


Small Machine, Huge Performance

  1. 3D localisation: width, length and height via satellite.
  2. (In)voluntary alarm.
  3. Vigilance system on reliable data system (no sms).
  4. Sector monitoring via Geofencing.
  5. Monitoring of walkways.
  6. Hands-free calling with automatic answering (emergency number only).


Technical Specifications (depending on type)

  1. Rugged industrial casing.
  2. Measurements: 70mm x 120mm.
  3. Weight: 238gr.
  4. ATEX proof: EX II 2 G EX ib IIC T4.
  5. Easy to operate (also wearing gloves).


Software Is The Heart Of The System

Thanks to our self-developed software, supported by a GPS system, the Z-Tracker offers you the possibility to visualise in detail your company's floor plan or any other location. Geofencing, the virtual demarcation of areas and allocating competencies, as well as dividing the business site into different areas, become child's play.